About Luke

Luke Clasper

I’m a geographer with specialist interests and experience in; geoinformatics, GIScience, geocomputation and the analysis, management and visualisation of geospatial data.

Based in Worcestershire and occasionally Paris and Amsterdam, I’m particularly interested in; urban morphology, vernacular geography, volunteered geographic information (VGI), spatial simulation, qualitative GIS and ambient geographic information (AGI). I’m an advocate of open standards and open source software such as QGIS, PostGIS and RStudio. I have recently completed a MSc in Geographic Information Technologies and I enjoy running, hiking, travelling, literature, football (non-league to champions league) and listening to many genres of music (mostly whilst running, hiking, and sitting at computers). I am a member of the Green Party and I’ve just started to make my first forays into the worlds of rowing, kickboxing and competitive darts...

About This Website

I built this website using HTML, CSS, Markdown and a little bit of JavaScript. It's being hosted by GitHub.